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“The Magical World of Twigshire” (Vol 3)

Buy Now - The Magical World of Twigshire (Vol 3) $18.00

“Judi Light's book takes you to a world full of enchantment. Her Twigshire series is an absolute joy, not just for children, but for the child in everyone. In her third book, she introduces us to the charms of the underwater world. Beautifully illustrated and delightfully written, the Twigshire characters find a way into our hearts to warm them! May it be Saltwater Sue who finds her love Pedro across the bay and together they successfully start teaching findango lessons; or Fabio, the flying fish who impresses us with his courage. Or the retired film star Angel, best known for her mermaid and sunken treasure movies. Each character has some special magic to share with us...and all of them teach us to become aware again of the wonders of the world.” K.R.

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